Designs of the Year Challenge Our Imagination

Two decades ago everyone who understood changing cultural trends swore the 21st century would mark the invention and rapid utilization of things like the flying car, elevators that went sideways and personal home robots that obeyed your every command. While suppliers to the imagination continue create some of the most awe-inspiring creations to rival those of the past, designers have been steadily producing innovative solutions that would send those in Hollywood back to the drawing board.


Youtube Begins Experimenting With New User Interface Design

With mobile apps such as Snapchat on the way to gaining international relevancy due to its simplicity and user-friendly design, major media companies like Youtube are following the trend to stay relevant. Youtube, the video-sharing website that continues to keep Vimeo at bay, just begin testing a new user interface that’s only available to a select few. While there's no word when the company will roll out the revisions to the masses, they will surely be welcomed.


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